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Business Driving Branding Machine | Buzzy-Brands


Target Brand Acceptance.
And Clients Will Follow You.

95% Businesses Lack Right Marketing Skill Sets.

Even Big Corporates with Dedicated Marketing Teams Approach Us For a Reason.

Buzzy-Brands is a

Business Driving Branding Machine.

With a Guarantee.


A Good Brand Plan

Guarantees 80% Success.

Do you know how many brands get lost in their category along with the competition?
Almost 95%.


For 15 Years, Our Clients Repeatedly Take Our Help For:

  1. Next Level Business Growth
  2. Launch / Relaunch their Products Or Services
  3. Brand Awareness, Appreciation & Acceptance
  4. Driving New Customers
  5. Enter New Market
  6. Gaining Market Share
  7. Building A Stronger Sales Pipeline
  8. Driving More Value From Existing Customers
  9. Increase in Customer Retention / Loyalty
  10. Increasing Customer LifeTime Value (LTV)
  11. Enhancing Customer Engagement & Experience
  12. New Product Development
  13. Improve Internal Communication & Confidence
  14. Improve Data & Analytics
  15. Changing Brand Perception
  16. Turning Clients Into Advocates to Increase Sales
  17. Best Conversion Rates (i.e. Enquiry to Closure Rate)
  18. Best Quality of Leads
  19. Best Clicks to Lead Ratio
  20. Best Costs Per Lead & Costs Per Click

Business Success Lets Our Clients To Do More. They:

  1. Get More Time to Explore & Access New Avenues Of Business Growth.
  2. Clearly Know the Do’s & the Don’ts
  3. Hit the Sweet Spot of Business to Have More Happy Customers.
  4. Get Noticed: People Appreciate & Remember Their Work.
  5. Have Higher Confidence & Motivation Amongst Employees.



Power of Brand Leadership:

“History shows, the first brand into the brain, on an average, gets twice the long term market share of the No. 2 brand and four times the No. 3 Brand. And the relationships are not easily changed.”

Expert Services:


360 Marketing Consulting

- For Guidance

Buzz Marketing - For Complete Brand & Business Growth



Brand Marketing - For Brand Growth

Business Marketing - For Pure Lead Generation Campaigns



Films - All Types including Celebrity Ad Film, Corporate Film & Animated AV’s

Value We Bring To the Table
15 Years
Global Brands
360 Media
Across Industries
B2B & B2C.

It’s not the time, it is what we BRING to the time.

Brand Acceptance Gives Real Growth. Brand Awareness Is Not Enough.


Your consumers have a plethora of options & everyone is working hard to get their piece of mind.

Then how do you grow faster when Media Vehicles & Tactics remain almost the same for everyone ?

Our Clients WIN more Business with lower Investments.

Ogilvy is Best, We are Next.

Big Agencies like Ogilvy used to and still sometimes make great advertising. In the 1980s and ’90s they were the most popular to grow any Business. And they did a darn good job back then. Similarly the Digital agencies since early 2000’s till recently.

However, now it is 2019. And it’s time for Branding with Performance. With our new SMC Approach for Brand & Business Growth, the big mouthed agencies have become almost obsolete!

For e.g. “Acche Din Aane Wale Hain”. The Line was Good for Once, But a Curse for Lifetime. 

Work that has Created Legacy.

It Takes a Lot of Detailing Before Everything Looks Perfect.
One of the Most Complex Brands Made To Look Easy & Refreshing.
Beating the International Competition in its Own Turf.

Brand Identity Specifically Adapted for India.

Undergarments Category Walks on a Very Thin Line. It Takes a Pro to Create It.
NGO Work for ‘PRASAR’ to Empower BPL & EWS Youth.

Buzzy-Brands is Not Just A Branding Agency. It is a Business Driving Branding Machine.

UNFORTUNATELY, our clients haven't picked up a Single Number 1 Thing In Us. But Many:

  1. Our Strategy & Campaigns Get Approved in the 1st Presentation itself 
  2. That works 7 days a Week
  3. That uses Strategic Creativity and not adhoc good looking ideas that fail to make any impact
  4. Track record of 100% success, with clients repeatedly coming back to us
  5. Provides custom solutions to clients in half the time & price when compared with similar quality delivered by renowned agencies
  6. On whom not only clients but even agencies rely for difficult projects
  7. Unique Expertise: Neuroscience & Psychology expertise to make a bigger impact in your business. ‘PVA’ is one of many its techniques that we know for sure even your ad agency doesn’t know.
  8. We Invest in Technology & People for Keeping our Clients ahead of the Curve.
  9. Team: With a Wide Pool of Talent, Each Team Member is equal to 5 resources possessing rich experience and exposure of High End Complex Brands.
  10. Cross Industry Expertise – FMCG, FMCD, Real Estate, Automobiles, Education, Professional Services, Apparel, Telecom, IOT, Hospitality, Media & More
  11. B2B & B2C Marketing
  12. 15 Years of Serving Numerous Brands. Global Brands list includes Nestle, Cadbury, Asian Paints, Godrej and many more.

Our Fee:

Less than the Cost of One Seasoned Employee (forget the whole Marketing Departments Cost). We do not over quote & negotiate. Experienced clients find our proposals worthwhile with more value.  Cost wise much Lesser than ‘A’ Grade Agencies, who themselves sometimes take our help to deliver their Difficult Projects.

Behind the Scene (The Team):

We have Global Experts & International Pool of Talent. Each possesses rich MNC experience and goes through rigorous screening & training to possess multi disciplinary experience. Only Mature Professionals who have covered width & depth of Marketing to easily resolve the complex problems of today’s Market Scenario.

Truly a multi cultural interdependent yet free environment, our tie ups and offices take help off each other to best serve brand problems of any nature. We have the biggest repository.

Our exchange program, helps each one of us to understand & adapt to different markets, trends & technologies in a fast forward manner. Before anyone else does.

Buzzy-Brands is Relied Upon by Best Ad Agencies & Brands for Difficult Projects. Backed by Top-Class Power Professionals and 15 Years of Experience, We Dive Deeper to Get More than the Desired Results.

We Always Reinvent to Surpass Ourselves and So far have Created:

  • 86 Types of Winning Strategies
  • 343 Kinds of Winning Copy
  • 228 Types of Winning Art
  • 443 Winning Tactics

All this, to ensure that Your Goals are met.

When Clients Appreciate Us in the Open. We find it Truly Rewarding.

Since we Believe in Real Growth for our Clients, Here are Some Complimentary Add-ons that You Can Take Our Help For:

  • Free Mastermind Session / Training on Sales, Marketing & Branding
  • Free Training in Negotiation & Closing

What Our Clients Say:

“It’s never about how Buzzy-Brands can make more money, but how clients like us can resolve their complex branding landscape. We’re working with a real partner—our interests are put first.”

Ajoy Titus
GM & Senior VP, Nestle

“I have known Abhishek & his team since a decade now. And he has always surprised me with the level of knowledge & insights he has on consumers, media and brands. Whenever i have been in doubt, Abhishek is one person who has always come up with a better answer. :)”

Swati Mohan 
Director Marketing, Netflix

You Might Need/Have Time:

We Are In No Hurry & Do Not Want Half Hearted Clients’. While requiring time can have genuine reasons, some Business Owners remain in experimentation mode. They do not realise that such things cost more than just money.

95% Businesses Do Not Move Forward Fast Enough. And Remain Happy with the Struggle. May be Fear of Loss Drives Them. In Reality, If your Product is right and Marketing is effective, then there are Zero Losses. In other words, Only Profits.

Success is Simple. It is Simply lying there. If not you, someone else will Grab it.

In Your Industry, You Might Not Be The First One.

But Create a Market to Become One. We are experts in creating Brands & Businesses that are Market Leaders via Performance Marketing & Branding.

Let your competition blend in with all the others—not you!

Buzzy-Brands is Awe-Some!!! – Sergio

Thank you BB Team for Everything – Melissa

Buzzy-Brands is Our Real Parrtner in True Sense. – Sarah

Highly Dependable & Recommended – Cory

Set Your Own Market. Make Your Own Mark.

Thank You For Visiting Us.

May your business align in the best possible way, accompanying all of the desires of your heart!

You can always count on us, no matter what your Goals are, be it about Brand Strategy, Marketing, Advertising, Media Planning, Digital Amplification or Strategic Creativity.

Founder & Managing Partner

For Businesses to Grow, Abhishek Singhal possesses extensive Brand & Marketing experience of over a decade & a half while launching & managing Global brands like Nestle, McVitie’s, Cadbury amongst numerous others; covering all facets of marketing from strategy to creative to media.

He is an expert in Mass Marketing (TV, Print, Radio, Outdoor), Digital Marketing and Below the Line Activation. Clients discuss and rely on his inputs across marketing facets at different junctures of Brand life cycle. He is a passionate writer also and has created several high performing campaigns from strategy to creative execution.

Disclaimer: Our Client’s Guaranteed Results happened because they were tired of experimentation’s & were wanting to take a leap the right way. Success may vary depending upon the clients’ Working Style & Speed. 100% Confidence & Growth Mindset comes along as the work progresses. The marketplace will always be the final arbiter of the work. Best efforts increase chances of Success but results may vary, despite following all the rules and creativity. Armed with the systematic advertising & marketing approach of ours, you’ll greatly Increase your Chances of Success. The figures stated here are of clients and in some cases our personal figures different businesses. These results are not typical. We’re not implying you’ll duplicate them and these references are for example purposes only.

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